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Don't miss your chance to be a part of the 2021 "ASIA’S MOST TRUSTED COMPANIES Business Awards" online recognition program. Take advantage of a variety of sponsorship and promotional opportunities designed to help your company/brand get maximum visibility.

Why Should You Sponsor?

Brand Visibility: By sponsoring this one of a kind digital business award program you can reach out to a large number of audience through our International promotional campaigns and boost up your brand recognition & visibility.

Targeted Exposure: As a sponsor, your company/brand will be seen by your focused target group of opinion makers in Asia's premier organizations.

Optimum Showcase: By associating with this premium event you will get to showcase your company / brand / product and services to the most prominent digital & social media platforms and as such, your company tends to gain a greater impact amongst a much wider audience.

Business Growth Tool: Being a sponsor to a premier event changes the perception of the consumers towards your organization and its offerings. It tends to create a positive opinion & attract more consumers with the mindset that yours is a reliable organization as it can sponsor other organizations & international corporate events which are meant to promote trusted companies with good business practices.

As a Sponsor, your organization will receive exposure at every opportunity throughout the complete Awards marketing cycle

To allow you to make the most of the branding and promotional opportunities a sponsorship can present, we have packaged together the below options:

Your brand / company name & logo to be featured and promoted as "XYZ Company / Brand presents Asia's Most Trusted Companies Awards 2021".
(Plus other benefits also included)
Your brand / company name & logo to be featured & promoted as "Asia's Most Trusted Companies Awards 2021 in Association with XYZ Company / Brand"
(Plus other benefits also included)

For complete benefits & details about Sponsorship packages regarding the "ASIA’S MOST TRUSTED COMPANIES AWARDS 2021" please contact Ms. Simi (Director - Corporate Affairs) or Mr. Pushpit Gaur (Director - Brand Development) at contact@ibcinfomedia.net

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